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05.12.09:12:08 out now
loess "burrows" (nr-005)
Proem "till there's no breath" (nr-006)

> see catalog section for details/ordering <

11.04.08:09:11 video update
our audio/video consortium has also posted a new video for the loess track "sororal" which appeared on the duo's album "wind and water" on n5MD. see gallery section.

07.06.06:10:21 transmission beacon
loess 'wind and water' :: now available from our friends at n5MD.

04.20.05:12:01 showcase
in collaboration with Antifaz / Noisex / Sonoradisc, nr presents SIGNAL + LEVEL :: a mini-showcase taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico with none other than :: loess, Charles Cohen, Carlos Giffoni (Monotract)...

11.09.04:01:32 webshop
tobias lilja 'ex-leper' available for pre-order + our entire catalog back in stock.

03.29.04:09:35 ex-leper
we would like to welcome swedish artist tobias lilja into the nonresponse roster-- debut full length album 'ex-leper' out soon.

09.12.03:11:00 12BC
loess 12" now available.

06.10.03:07:07 loess, live.
browse flyer for details : front | back

09.15.02:14:28 t r a n t e r
new loess video can be found in our gallery section.

05.13.02:19:56 outsourcing personnel, terminated.
internal report minutes; gallery items revised. new loess video in production.

05.12.02:00:16 n o m o n
reminder: latest loess video 'nomon' resides in our gallery section.

01.01.02:00:00 2002
all catalog selections now available for purchase through zerotec, our new mail order fulfillment system. please visit our order section to shop.

10.20.01:27:46 fyi.
loess and codec scovill cd release party planned for Friday, November 16th. browse flyer for details : front | back

06.22.01:13:35 stage fright strategies.
pullman/emerson of loess will be performing live at the khyber pass, phila pa - sunday july 1st. be there at 9pm and stay late to see michigan's ultimate drug duo, windy & carl. contact us for details.

06.19.01:16:12 predetonation anxiety.
a 3.0" CD-R ep series is in the works. this extremely limited series will help fill in the gaps between major releases in our catalog; expect 3.0 b-sides, remixes, and hyper-conceptual type work from our existing roster by the end of this summer.

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