nonresponse n o n r e s p o n s e
n e w s m i s s i o n a r t i s t s c a t a l o g g a l l e r y o r d e r c o n t a c t

:root log entry 13.5.a
we believe those so called industrialization techniques have caused more damage than initially noted in appendix 6.1 of the handbook. hundreds of thousands of premature fatalities have been directly linked to a psychological state now known as disillusionment.

(self-note) send field-work agents to compile an onsite synopsis..<snip>
GOTO L11490.

:11490 log entry 5.2
(raw dump: dash delimiter) -top hats are no longer available, nor fathomable -cultural and community centers are covered with a mass of sollya heterophylla -plazas are non_existant; face to face communication is a rare occurrence -archways are becoming extinct -obtuse angles are taboo -the intrinsic has been forgotten

(default delimiter) working class wages have plummeted more than ten percent, 1st world youngsters are consumed by consumption, and special interests latch onto the latest industries, in fear of total collapse. despair seems to be as internalized as the common cold.

(self-note) more than mere follies, these irriversable catastrophes have entirely dislodged their faith in humanity. without a stable reference, it provides no alternative but to have them confront the nothingness of it all, and coexist in this inexplicable domain.

:11692 log entry 1.1
exponential curve no longer lies near the critical..<snip> REVERT root.

:26474 log entry 15.2.c
lingering after-thoughts; {12,021 ASCII characters suppressed }

:36843 log entry 15.2.d
(executive report: case sensitive) "Gentlemen. The only contraband here is color schemes. Colors weigh us down, much like the apathy that terminated the heart and souls of the Liberty Tower inhabitants. We build microcosms that permeate through the common people. Melancholy soundsystems that reverberate under willow trees, out to the sugar cane fields and into today's urban heat islands. In a day and age where all sense of craftsmanship has been lost, we exist as a checks and balances system with a modernist twist. Our vision is to replace automation, speed, and efficiency with the gracefulness and elegance exhibited by our forefathers. If this was a classroom setting, we would want to interact with, challenge, and critique our audience, not entertain them."


n o n r e s p o n s e