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codec scovill
clinical imperfections

release date: 11.16.01
format: cd


Codec Scovill is Clay Emerson, Alfredo de Matteis, and Ian Pullman. The debut album features selected works from a time span of 12 months. The collective was initiated to extend the exploration of sound manipulation being done individually in the groups respective studios, to a more freeform, improvised context. The recordings use a minimal amount of sound sources (both electronic/ acoustic); emphasis is placed on signal routing techniques to generate and manipulate sound. No sequencing or major editing techniques were utilized except for track #6 which was conceptualized in a studio environment.

All material recorded at The Siding Compound (West Philadelphia, PA USA) 2000-2001 :: direct to 4-track tape machine.

01. Screening Results
02. Hohner 36
03. Monochrome Turbine
04. Stutthof [10.0mb mp3]
05. Traipsing
06. Alpine
07. 50 Ohm Belden
08. North Parade
09. Tapco 4400A
10. Tandem Sling
11. A Flash Forward


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