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n e w s m i s s i o n a r t i s t s c a t a l o g g a l l e r y o r d e r c o n t a c t



self titled

release date: 11.16.01
format: cd


Thirty-six months, six grossly different studios and geographical locations later...

What were once mere musical fragments, receive intensive mutations, re-visioning and re-compiling. The results are documented in this self-titled album. Compositions are arranged in a contiguous fashion in order to maintain continuity throughout the album. This material ranges from percussive-driven to rhythm-less pieces sprinkled with drifting melodic content. Arrangement style was purposely left in its natural, childlike form. Maximum focus was placed on crafting sound sources originating from subtractive-synthesis, found sound and digital-fodder inexplicables.

Loess :: Clay Emerson, Ian Pullman. Locations of recordings varies.
Approximate dates of creation :: 07/98 - 04/01.

01. Chariv Canopy
02. 2nd Twelve [7.2mb mp3]
03. Maple Cill
04. Pleuston
05. Alluvium Edit
06. Littoral
07. Tone, 2
08. Spring Street
09. Keflex
10. Mosse
11. 2nd 12 (Accelera Deck Mix)

12. Woven
n o n r e s p o n s e