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tobias lilja

release format: cd


This debut full-length from Swedish artist Tobias Lilja offers a cold and melancholic birdseye view of what was, an what's to come. Peeks of optimism seep through; but this aural on-site report of our day to day living remains candidly bleak. Icy peaks of high pitched electronics meet dirty midrange live instrumentation, in a highly structured, but ghostly, affair. Loess lends their production on track 'spetaelska'.

01. pre-memoria
02. manifesto
03. crippled [6.3mb mp3]
04. post memoria
05. traffic
06. gislaved nightmare
07. garden
08. frontier
09. days pass faster
10. averel
11. spetaelska loess mix
12. ex-leper

n o n r e s p o n s e