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release date: 05.12.09
format: cd, digital


"Loess uncovers thirteen tracks including previously unreleased material, released rarities/remixes, and several new compositions. The compilation burrows summarizes the past eight years of the loess sound (2000-2008). This collection includes Loess' reworkings of original tracks by Gridlock, Tobias Lilja, and Quench among others along with other original Loess tracks previously only available on vinyl. The latest Nonresponse output also contains five previously unreleased tracks, including two new compositions that point to future inclinations. burrows spans the Loess sonic landscape; it is both an essential release for fans of the Loess sound, and a perfect introduction for first time listeners. "

01. lull
02. schoen
03. troper
04. fascine
05. tranter
06. bud
07. selkuth
08. spetaelska
09. nyckel
10. thresh
11. nomon
11. cyanor
12. hohn

n o n r e s p o n s e