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till there's no breath

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release date: 05.12.09
format: cd, digital


"Proem delivers his 8th album and first for the newly awakened Nonresponse imprint. This time out Richard Bailey revisits themes that made his darker still ep one of Enpeg Digital's most popular releases. Till there's no breath is somewhere between dream and nightmare and is clearly an album where Bailey takes an honest and emotionally unsettling stab at his take on dark ambient. Somewhere between the undefined washes of Lustmord and the ebb and flow of Eno Till there's no breath is a much welcomed addition to Proem's body of work. "

01. these are demands
02. a skin that crawls
03. a skin that burns
04. till theres no breath
05. faceeater
06. coil in small field
07. deadplate III
08. deadplate IV
09. alt enter the busket
10. dull throbbing
11. grain filters can dream too
11. hope is great but we need caffeine

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