nonresponse n o n r e s p o n s e
n e w s m i s s i o n a r t i s t s c a t a l o g g a l l e r y o r d e r c o n t a c t



codec scovill
hugo ball effect

release date: 11.16.01
format: 3.0 inch CD-R
limited to 100


a thick layer of unnecessary formalities grows systematically with the development of our very existence misdirecting our energy to the nauseatingly cyclical patterns they like for us to call human nature beneath it all however still clings a piece of our essence that acts as a mediator to the abhorrent lifestyles modern man have adopted a universality which flanks the petri dishes and computations of today the same senselessness that guides the descent of dry leaves when worldwide implosion is in the horizon the history books will point to the only two redeeming qualities left worth footnoting; our innocence and inherent absurdity.

recorded on 06/10/01 at the 3200 love commune, west philadelphia, PA USA.

01. hysterical calibration of impurities
02. handcuffed between materialism and maternity


n o n r e s p o n s e