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n e w s m i s s i o n a r t i s t s c a t a l o g g a l l e r y o r d e r c o n t a c t



natural selection: MD sessions 6.01-9.01

release date: 11.16.01
format: 3.0 inch CD-R
limited to 100


3.04 was recorded during a period of roughly 3 months in a series of improvised sessions by TEAMSHADETEk (a duo consisting of SHADETEk label operators ZatsOner and SOZER_SHT). The material was recorded directly to MiniDisc and later compiled on a computer into the form of this release. SHADETEk is a division of the NYC based CHANGE AGENT group. The cover image is a mixed media painting by Mösco. For more information including further live recordings, please visit

1. Devlin
2. Taiga
3. Sufferers
4. Dual


n o n r e s p o n s e